A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for the 4th Extra Credits game-jam!

Create portals to connect any two points in space together! 

Pink matter has no problem going through, but any green matter caught between two portals will be instantly killed. 

Play by yourself or have a friend open your portals for you!

Controls: WASD or Arrow keys to move around, Left click to place portals.

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, Experimental, Explosions, Retro, Space


Quincunx 1.1 (Windows) 2 MB
Quincunx (Mac) 11 MB
Quincunx 1.1 (Ubuntu) 2 MB

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Amazing game feel specially the player's controls.


Thank you so much for playing! I focused specially on that aspect of the game, so it's great to hear this! :)

(Sorry for the incredibly late response)


This is really good! I like the mechanics and the graphics! It will take me a lot of time to get good at it

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I'm really glad you like them! Thanks a ton for playing! It took me a while too, [in the jam version] it gets quite difficult after the 4th round or so. 

(Sorry for the incredibly late response)


Wow this is really simple but really fun and addicting! Its sometimes a little hard to tell you've hit something and hurt yourself after coming out of a portal and so i sometimes died without realizing i'd even been hit in the first place and have to play the tutorial again. But I think with some hand crafted levels and this endless mode I could really see myself losing a lot of time to this. And as always the pixel art is great!! Love the animations and I honestly love how the player controls. Great work!