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SUPERHOT + Downwell!

INNST is a slow-motion arcade shooter! Originally made for the Extra Credits 2018 Holiday Jam. 

This game is all about instantaneous action. Do as much as you can with the short moment of dilated time you have before everything speeds back up!


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Neat little game! Nice mash-up of two ideas (downwell and superhot / bullet time). Well done teaching the needed controls on the very first screen the player sees.
Also very neat and fitting aesthetic, both in game and the web page.

I would suggest to add a bonus when all enemies of a level are hit. This would encourage to play more active / offensive.

Thank you! I’m super happy that you liked it! 

Yeah! That neat little idea I took from JW (vlambeer). In Minit he asks the player to press x to continue from the title card and then you use arrow keys to navigate the menu (and x to select) when you first boot up the game. This way the player already has their hands on the right buttons before starting the game. 

Omg how I did not think of that? That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely implement it when I update the game :)


Love the concept of this game, and it's easy replayability. Though, I agree with sagana, it does need more elements. Maybe cool powerups, like a forcefield-like shield, but breaks in one hit. Also a radius showing how far you teleport could help. And I love how the visuals are consistent with Prototyper...

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Thanks a ton for playing! Yeah I’m with you guys. Now that I finished switching the game to a different engine, I can focus now on adding more content and “progress” to the game. And of course I’ll also be working on UI improvements, I’ll start with your suggestion about the teleportation radius!

I like these power ups ideas too! and they reinforce the Arcade play aesthetics. I’ll experiment with these. 

Oh you know about prototyper? Were you in the first BTP jam?


I remember it from Bored Pixels Jam 2


Very cool idea, one of my favorite from the one I played till now :D 

It could use some variety and sometimes randomly there's no enemy in the "room", but it was fun to play! I found the surprise too, I like the idea of adding features if the player play well  :)

Thanks a ton for playing! i'm super glad you liked it. Yeah it definitely could use some more variety,  perhaps i could work on it a bit more.